The #1 Way to Ruin Your Diet: Skipping Breakfast

There are thousands of different diets, weight loss and exercise plans out there—with new ones created every day. Each one of them promotes being the newest and easiest way to lose weight. But no matter what weight loss plan you decide to try, there is one constant between all of them. Every single one of them want you to eat breakfast—but why is this so important?
Breakfast has long been referred to the most important meal of the day…and with good reason. This statement isn’t just a catchy marketing ploy to sell breakfast foods. It’s rooted in many years of metabolic research.
Breakfast Speeds Up Your Metabolism
To understand why breakfast is constantly stressed, let’s start off by examining and breaking down the word itself “break-fast”. Its literal meaning is “breaking the fast”. From the time you fall asleep to when you wake up, your body is in a hibernation period. During hibernation, your metabolism slows down because your body knows it won’t be receiving any fuel. By eating breakfast in the morning, you’re sending your metabolism the signal of “hey, we’re going again! Get to work!”
It’s simple—a car won’t start if it doesn’t have fuel and neither will your fat-burning metabolism. A great breakfast, one with nutritional whole grains, healthy proteins and fruits and vegetables will give you the proper fuel to start your day with energy.

What Breakfast Is NOT
Keep in mind what breakfast isn’t! Many people think a perfectly fine breakfast is coffee, a latte frappucino, sugar energy drinks or even a 5 hour energy shot. These “quick energy fixes” won’t give you the power you need to fuel the rest of your day.

Skipping Breakfast
So what happens if you skip breakfast? Skipping breakfast means you’re losing out on a valuable amount of time where your body could be burning calories. Many people use the excuse that breakfast takes time—time that many people don’t have because of their busy schedules. When this becomes an excuse, people rely on eating an early lunch instead. But doing so still results in hours of calorie burning lost. Even worse is when someone eats a tiny, on-the-go breakfast. In doing so, you’ll find you’re hungrier sooner and this leads to eating more to fill what your body should have gotten, resulting in calorie over consumption and ultimately ruining your diet.
The Best Breakfast For Your Diet
So the best way to avoid ruing your diet is to eat a balanced breakfast—one with good carbohydrates found in whole grains and healthy protein. Doing so will help you stay on track with your diet with the necessary nutrients your body and metabolism needs to keep you productive and energized without requiring more calories throughout the day. What’s a simple Hitch Fit breakfast you can have almost every day? How about 2 eggs, 5 egg whites and a ½ cup of unflavored oatmeal (feel free to sprinkle Stevia and cinnamon on top)? It will keep you full until the early afternoon!

Starve and Get Fat

Want To Get Fatter? Starve Yourself!
How many times when you thought about losing weight did you or a friend starve themselves thinking that would help when losing weight? Yes you can lose scale weight with this tactic but as quickly as you lose it you can gain it back and some. Get it through your head that scale weight is not the most important, your body fat is. Some people rely on Body Mass Index (BMI) as an accurate measurement when figuring out how healthy they are. My BMI tells me I’m obese even though my body fat is 5%, so my whole point here is focus on losing body fat and gaining muscle not stepping on the scale. If you’re losing inches and bodyfat% then you’re going in the right direction!!
Starving yourself is one of the worst things you can do when trying to lose fat weight. Ok ill explain how your body works. You are burning calories 24 hours per day even when you sleep. If throughout the day while you are awake you are not putting adequate calories in your body your body responds by burning muscle as energy then the next meal you eat gets stored as a survival reaction as fat storage. So when you starve yourself you will not only be burning muscle and gaining fat weight you will be lowering your metabolism which means every minute of the day you are burning less calories and in time your body becomes fatter and unhealthier. Is this an eye opener or what? So what can you do to make sure you are eating enough to not burn muscle but not eat too much where you are gaining bad weight?
Here are 7 tips:
  • Eat every 2-3 hours throughout the day
  • Eat only till your satisfied never till your full
  • Check your body fat 1-2 times per month
  • 4-5 days per week cardio of 350-750 calories per day
  • 3-5 days per week of weightlifting
  • Always remember its better to eat something then nothing at all, just make the meal or snack a healthy choice
  • Balance – Do not overeat, Do not under eat, Both lead to fat gain