Do You Have Late Night Cravings?

I get the question all the time of “Are cheat meals ok?” “What do I do about late night cravings” There are many ways of looking at it. This really depends on the individual and their goals. Let’s say you are a middle aged woman who has let their body go through not working out and eating poorly. I am going to tell you to eat perfect for a period of time until your body fat is low enough that you can get away with having a cheat meal and it won’t hurt you as bad. Many of my clients I keep strict for 12-16 weeks eliminating the alcohol, sugary drinks and the bad foods until their body fat is at a low enough where it will burn about anything it touches (16% for a woman, 10-12% for a guy). I am a firm believer in setting a goal and accomplishing it in as little time as possible through proper nutrition and fitness. So in my opinion putting anything in your body that is going to make the process longer is not a good idea. I also have to think realistically because not everyone can live the lifestyle I live, so find your healthy balance. If you live healthy 95% of the time you will still reach your goals very quickly. Let’s say you eat 6 small meals per day that’s 42 meals a week. Having 1-2 cheat meals weekly would mean you are still eating perfect 95-97% of the time. On every test I ever took that I got a 95% or higher on that meant an “A”, which means excellent. What time you eat your cheat meal needs to be something you think about as well. Are you having it during the day where your body has a chance to burn it off or right before bed when you know everything will be kept as fat storage? Be conscious of the choices you are making they are directly connected with you succeeding or failing.

So what do I do about the late Night Craving?
Get your body in the routine-Your body gets into a cycle with workouts and with your diet. You start working out on a daily basis your body will tell you “Hey buddy it’s time to work out again, I always get cranky when I do not work out. With your diet it is the same. You have to get in the routine of eating your meals around the same times per day not overeating; not skipping meals and that late night urge will eventually go away.

Trash the bad stuff
– If you don’t have the food there late at night you cannot eat it.

Cut your sugar– Throughout the day it is very important to keep your blood sugar levels low so keep your sugar intake to a minimum, this will help you from overeating or binging at night.
You have to come to the conclusion that you are more important than that food you are putting in your body. Do you not want to feel great and look great? Do you not want to become healthier for yourself and loved ones around you?


So what can I eat if I just cannot fight the urge? 
Rice cakes
Drink 8-16 ounces of water
Veggies- Filling yet very low in calories
Anything Protein- egg whites, protein shakes, chicken, fish, turkey