How many times have you heard these phrases?  We bet you’ve seen them as the taglines attached to any diet pill, vanity diet or cleanse.  But a slogan is just that—a slogan.  It’s pure advertising.  And oftentimes, these words cannot be trusted.

Our lives move at an extremely rapid pace—our culture wants fast results and we want them now (whether that means business success, the next cool Apple product or weight loss).  In order to accommodate our get-it-all-fast expectations, we alter parts of our lives to fit that pace. And it’s those altered parts that tend to foster unhealthy habits. Instinctively, we seek out quick fixes to get us back on track. There’s just one problem: THEY DON’T WORK LONG TERM!!

Diet pills, Weight Loss Drinks and the other Infomercial Miracles offer the “promise” that if you take a tablet or two once a day, use that piece of equipment or drink this weight loss solution, the pounds will literally melt away,  We challenge you to look at the bottom of the screen during a infomercial or the bottom of the bottle. Oftentimes, in tiny print, you will see an asterisk followed by statements such as, “Must be taken along with diet and exercise. Statements or products have not been evaluated by the FDA. Consult a physician prior to taking.”  The companies that produce these products print in such tiny font to avoid being sued for false advertising.  If the FDA hasn’t approved it, the pill has absolutely no merit backing its claims.  Or most commonly seem.  “These Results Not Typical”  Ouch.. If I am buying something I sure what to know that the results ARE TYPICAL.  The other option seems like a waste of time and money.

Detoxes and cleanses require you to spend several days consuming funky liquids and abstain from eating anything of substance.  Sure, you may drop 10 pounds in 10 days, but once the cleanse is over, that 10 pounds will come back in a matter of a few days.  It’s not a sustainable lifestyle, therefore, it’s not a healthy diet.  Furthermore, many cleanses claim that they are extremely healthy—ridding your body of all dangerous toxins.  Sometimes, these cleanses are actually bad for you.  Some do not carry valuable nutrients that your body needs to function.  In the long run, these cleanses just starve your body—and we all know that’s not healthy.

Losing weight and getting fit is an immense task that involves changing your lifestyle in small steps over a long period of time. Losing weight and getting healthy just doesn’t happen overnight. You have to set goals for yourself and be willing to make the essential changes to achieve those goals. Working out is only 20% of getting a killer body—the other 80% is diet and lifestyle.

The body you want is earned with sweat and dedication to yourself—not a daily pill or a funky liquid you drink while plugging your nose.  Quick fixes are just time and money-wasters; there is no substitute for hard work!!!