We get this question all the time from our new clients, before we can even start discussing their nutrition plan: “Can I still have my coffee?!”
As you can imagine, most of our clients become joyous when we tell them “yes!!!” We can’t really blame them for their anxiousness in asking that question. We love coffee as well! It’s just an added benefit that it’s diet-friendly…and here’s why:

Coffee is low in calories
In an 8 ounce cup of black coffee, all you have to worry about burning off is a measly 2 calories! Unfortunately, that calorie count will increase with every addition you make to your cup of Joe. Say you add 2 tablespoons of sugar to your coffee—your cup now has 34 calories. Want cream? 2 tablespoons of that will make your once innocent cup of coffee a 138 calorie deal breaker. Avoid this by skipping the sugar and adding almond milk—all the flavor and less calories!

Coffee pre-workout
We encourage transformation clients who would like a pre-workout boost to drink coffee before they work out (especially before those morning cardio workouts!). There are five primary reasons that we ask our clients to do this:
Caffeine allows you to work out longer and harder: Caffeine allows you to work out for a longer period of time and do more reps without getting exhausted.
Caffeine improves your accuracy: Recent studies have found that soccer players were able to dribble, head and kick soccer balls with greater precision and agility after drinking coffee!
Caffeine makes you faster: Caffeine often provides a speed boost that many cyclists, runners, swimmers and tennis players need to perform at their best.
Caffeine makes you less drowsy: There is nothing worse than having to work out when you’re just plain tired. Caffeine can help wake you up before your next workout.
Caffeine makes you feel better about your workout: Recent studies have shown that subjects are more excited about working out again after workouts which they had consumed coffee.

Drink up, but drink smart
Coffee is a vital part of almost everyone’s daily lives (ours for sure!). But please do not over do it on coffee. It’s one thing to get a workout boost from caffeine, it’s another to be relying on caffeine just to make it through the day. The goal is to use coffee and reap the benefits, not to guzzle it all day long. Limit yourself to 1-2 cups of coffee daily and avoid drinking coffee later in the day when the caffeine intake could interrupt your sleep!